I will tell you some crucial points how you can score very good marks in descriptive essay writing what are the things that you should include in your essay and this will be completely by my own practical experience these writing skills have helped me individually and also a lot of my students I have taken a lot of classes for GMAT GRE Edusson nz for cat and for other higher level exams which require a grid you know a very good command over English language and therefore I will bring that experience into play.

I tell you some of the some of the things which you can include in your essay which will really make your essay stand out from the rest and therefore you need to be you need to be really vigilant you need to very carefully pay attention to this now this is something which I have been using on a personal level when I write any essay I choose this format and this format you will not find it anywhere you will not find it at any book you will not find in any any any literature any website this is purely what I have been using myself so whenever I am given an essay to write I am given any topic to write an essay upon I follow this strategy.

First I do the beginning that is I elaborate on the topic that is given to me and I in this only I will take one example and I will write an essay for you or I will tell you the main point so that you feel really confident going into the exam then I explain citing all the examples I take sides yes I do take sides for example any topic that you will be given to write on you may need to choose sides some people prefer to write from a neutral point of view but I always take sides because after all why are they why happy examiner given this essay to write to a particular student because he wants to know what he or she thinks about that topic now gone are the times gone are the days when you know you don’t you have you know you have had to be politically correct in everything no don’t write an essay with a very defensive mindset be aggressive be expressive rather.

If at all you need to be aggressive then go ahead but make sure that whatever side you choose you are very confident about it you can give a certain point or an explanation about it some very well-thought-out point statistics to prove it or something even if you take the side that is negative does not matter you should be able to justify it for example let me give an example let’s say if you are given any topic to write on about Kashmir right the Kashmir problem it’s a burning topic it’s in news Kashmir is the news for all the reasons you had the killing of Gihon money and you had earlier this year you had the JNU protests you had Kasab issue so there is lot of issues regarding cosmic Kashmir and whenever you are given a topic like this you do need to take sides because you can’t be indifferent to an issue like this.