Importance of Employee Training

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A few weekends ago I attended a weekend training session around an amazing tool called the Energetic Leadership Assessment.

I met some brilliant people and learned some powerful new things, had a few ‘aha’ moments and was re-inspired to work with clients using the new perspective we were trained about.

There is controversy out there as to who said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”  However, it doesn’t matter who said it but simply that this statement true.  Try walking through your day with a high level of energy and see how others respond.  It is pretty amazing to watch.

Below is a description of the 7 levels of energy.  The assessment I use allows us to see where you resonate energetically during times of peace and times of stress. However, without the assessment, it is possible to look at the chart below and think about where you experience each of these levels.  

Remember you aren’t at a level– you are experiencing the level.  It is important to think about how much time you spend in each level.  It is important to observe this. You could spend time in that  level for a minute, an hour, a month depending on situation.

Energetic Self Perception[1]

Level 1-At this level, what happens is an experience and/or sensation.  It is contagious and you can feel it.  Mostly can tell it is happening through emotions.  We do our best to describe it with words so use the words that most closely describe it below.

What occurs:

Judgment of self.  

I am at the effect of something/someone else.  

I’M a victim to my GIRLS.  

I am unable to make a choice or take action.  

I take things personally.

I am apathetic and non-feeling

I am lethargic

I feel any or all these:  shame, fear (most powerful at this level), despair, guilt, inadequacy, helpless, hopeless, sad, worry, regret.

Level 2-At this level a lot of action occurs and things get done.  

What occurs:

I am entitled.

I am angry.

Action against self, too

I look at people’s actions through my lens and make assumptions about what they mean.

I feel any or all of these: Angry (most powerful at this level), frustrated, irritated, rage, resentment, vindictiveness, contempt, close minded, argumentative nature, hate, bitterness, righteousness, skepticism, sarcasm (must understand person’s intention with sarcasm-ask don’t assume it is negative), greed, entitlement, pride

Level 3- Transitional level.  Moves very inward.  “Heady”  Begin to take control of the way you feel.  

What occurs:

I respond vs. react to situations

Rationalization, reconcile conflicts in my mind

I see situations as good enough.  

Start to justify the situation.  

I feel any or all of these: Forgiveness, good enough, relief,

Level 4-

What occurs: From head to heart.  Help others.  People go to you for advice, serve others but get upset when these helping situations don’t work out.  

I feel any or all of these: Overprotectiveness, nurturing, caring toward others, empathy, compassion, gratitude, appreciation, generous, playful, help others but not to make myself feel better.  

Level 5

What occurs: We both win or we don’t play.  Equal receiving and giving.  Win Win.  Seeing things for the opportunity.  Curiosity.

I feel any or all of these: Curiosity, opportunities, peace

Level 6-

What occurs: Want to experience the process.  Don’t need anything to happen.  The moment is the experience. Highly intuitive and connected.

I feel any or all of these:  Joy, In the moment,

Level 7-

What occurs: Creating the experience.  Nothing holds you back.  This may be the only reality.  This occurs when nothing else interferes.  

I feel any or all of these:  non-judgmental, absolute passion